ArsenaliT is one of the leading IT service provider with different pricing models. Such as T&M, FP, Milestone, Delivery.


Time & Meterial

T&M, you are billed for the time and any related costs associated with the project as they occur.


Fixed Price

Fixed price is exactly as the name suggests. A software provider will define a scope of work with your help, and then deliver that exact scope of work for an agreed upon price.


Milestone Price

Milestone-based billing model develops a long standing partnership between a client and the contractor – based on mutually decided terms and conditions.


Distributed Delivery Model

DD solution model is an IT project delivery model that assembles project teams of local, senior consultants with business specific knowledge and project management skills in combination with offshore IT delivery resources


Delivery Model

Delivery Model is shortly a stright forward model which we need to deliver the product, It doesnt involves your R&D, T&M.