Product Development Approach

ArsenaliT follows the Flexible Product Development Approach in building software products. Flexible Product Development Approach is the ability to make changes in the product being developed or in how it is developed, even relatively late in development, without being too disruptive. Consequently, the later one can make changes, the more flexible the process is, the less disruptive the change is, the greater the flexibility.

When applied to the development of software products, these methods are commonly known as agile software development. However, agile software methods generally rely on special characteristics of the software medium, especially object technologies, which are not available to non-software products. Consequently, flexible product development draws from some of the roots of agile software development but tends to use other tools and approaches that apply beyond the software medium.

Service Methodology

ArsenaliT follows a standard, codified project implementation methodology. Our methodology is a pattern-based approach that emphasizes strong customer collaboration and high-quality system integrations. It combines sound IT project management and engineering processes.

We will recommend the appropriate life cycle for your project based on an evaluation of your needs and the key characteristics of your project.

We prefer an evolutionary or staged-delivery life cycle that is agile and involves significant interaction with customers. This approach prioritizes requirements into manageable increments. Each increment provides for regular technical and management review, giving you a high level of visibility into the design and progress of your solution.

This approach accommodates the sometimes-transformational nature of the systems we design without requiring an organization to change overnight.

Business Model

ArsenaliT's business model is simple, which is to make money by serving quality Software Services/Products to meet customers needs.

Delivery Model

ArsenaliT provides customers with Packages that run their business e.g CRM, BPM, CMS or any other Customer-Specific custom made products.

If client prefers Hybrid Model, BeyondOI follows it as Delivery model, which means that we sell the software and also manage it for the client. The client may not want to have the data on their site so we set up the data center [normal hosting or cloud based] for the client and manages it too for the client. Client may also choose to have the data on their site but still software is managed by us.