ArsenaliT provides customers with Packages that run their business e.g CRM, BPM, CMS or any other Customer-Specific custom made products.

If client prefers Hybrid Model, ArsenaliT follows it as Delivery model, which means that we sell the software and also manage it for the client. The client may not want to have the data on their site so we set up the data-center [normal hosting or cloud based] for the client and manages it too for the client. Client may also choose to have the data on their site but still software is managed by us.



With this traditional model, you license software and run it on your own servers. When considering this model, be sure to account associated with deployment, operations, support, customization, integration, maintenance, and upgrades.



In a hosted environment, the software physically resides at a remote data center operated by an expert third-party hosting provider. Your team would usually use a product like Citrix to access the software over the Internet and see the screens being generated at the hosting provider. This model eliminates the responsibility of maintaining hardware infrastructure, and therefore can help you avoid large upfront capital expenditures.



Also known as “software as a service” (SaaS), these applications offer direct, always-on access to the solution, typically paid for on a per-user/per-month subscription basis. They are multitenant.