ArsenaliT is an IT consulting and application development service provider, focused in serving the SMB segment. Due to our consulting background and our business analysis skills we have carved a niche in the free-lance arena. We have our own unique engagement process which helps us to

  • Understand your business and the fitment of the application or website in your business
  • Talk to you and understand your needs before talking about price
  • Develop applications with the end user in mind
  • Show you progress on a weekly basis
  • Accommodate On the go change and build evolving applications
  • Give you flexible payment options, so that your cash flow is not affected

We firmly believe in communication and keeping up our promise.

We have a very systematic approach in our day to day operations, be it the business team interacting with the potential clients or the development team executing projects for our clients. The key features are

  • Strong Business analysis team working from the moment the bid is placed till the project is delivered. This helps us to think from the clients shoes and the end user shoes.
  • Clear documentation and buy in from the client prior to the project start - helps us to avoid schedule slippage and overshooting the budget. We take pride in not asking for additional budget allocation.

At ArsenaliT, We follow SCRUM Development in delivering the right product at right prize to our clients. Some of the key aspects of our SCRUM Development Methodology are:

  • Disciplined Project Management
  • Frequent inspect and adapt cycles that minimize waste
  • Reduce software waste and deliver Software that accommodates change
  • Self organizing and cross functional team(s) that makes and meets commitments
  • Engineering practices that rapidly deliver high quality software
  • Bi weekly Scrum call lasting 10 -20 minutes giving details of progress, targets, issues etc
  • Single point of contact from project kick off to Go live


Technology Domain

The following are our major technology expertise:

  • LANGUAGE: Java / J2EE, .Net Family, Groovy, PHP, Ruby, Python, XML, Microsoft Visual Basic, Clojure
  • NON-RDBMS: MongoDB, Cassandra
  • DATABASE: Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • WEB/APPLICATION SERVER: Tomcat, Apache, Wildfly, Jboss-EAP, Weblogic, JBoss, IIS, XAMPP
  • ARCHITECTURE: Service Oriented Architecture / Web Services
  • OPEN SOURCE FRAME WORK: Struts, Hibernate/iBatis ORM, ROR, Groovy On Grails, Spring, Spring boot, YII, ZEND Framework
  • WEB 2.0: AJAX-GWT, Dojo, GTK[Google Tool Kit]
  • CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS: Joomla, Zope, Mambo, Drupal, Alfresco
  • BI PLATFORM: Pentaho, Jasper and BIRT
  • TOOLS: Talend ETL, Brupsuit
  • TESTING: Selenium,, Jmeter